Soul Money Medicine Reading

Align Your Business with Who You Are in God
Clear Your Karma & Create Money
Through your Soul Purpose


Soul Money Medicine is an intuitive 3-part system for clearing karma and aligning your business to express your soul-level gifts.

This helps you create income in a more conscious, empowered, & flowing way that WORKS for your unique Soul Money Archetype.


During a Soul Money Medicine Reading, you will…

  • Clear the Karmic Roots Behind Your Greatest Money Struggles & Challenges
  • Understand the Core Lessons You Must Learn To Increase Your Earning Power
  • Discover Your Soul Money Archetype
  • Receive a Soul Money Strategy Session for Re-Aligning Your Business With Your Soul Money Channels


How Does It Work?

  1. Complete a questionnaire on your life & business, defining the issues you would like to clear
  2. Kara will access your Akashic records, receiving guidance & information on your soul gifts, karma, contracts, & core blocks & restrictions
  3. You will receive a 2hr Soul Money Strategy session with Kara to go over your reading
  4. During this session, you will also receive strategic advice on how to realign your behavior, brand or business model to best support your soul’s expression
  5. 1/2 hr follow up call for integration


What Are the Benefits of a Soul Money Medicine Reading?

kara-headshotAs a personal branding expert, my passion is studying people… their gifts, their personalities, their dreams, goals & desires & helping them create powerful businesses & brand messages that align with who they are.

I love this.  It’s my great passion in life.

However, many people are blocked from truly expressing their uniqueness, especially through a soul-centric, personal brand-based business.

The fear of survival, getting visible, opening to receive, claiming their value, knowing & having confidence in their authority & expertise holds so many people back… and causes them to underearn & engage in repeated negative patterns as they are stepping into their purpose.

 The truth is that stepping into your purpose is a true feat of the SOUL.

My own initiation into the path of Waking Beauty started with a psychic attack from a sorceress. (Yep! And she looked just like Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty…)

It took me 4 years, traveling around the world to various medicine men, shamans, saints, spiritual teachers, avatars, masters, sacred sites, & healers… then- working with some of the most powerful business coaches, branding, sales, & business experts on the planet to fully birth my work in the world.

During that time the trials and feats of faith, my own spontaneous remembrance & clearing of past life trauma, restitution, healing, amends, & self-empowerment was so powerful & significant I could write a book on it!

This is the deeper work that goes on “behind the scenes” of the major breakthroughs & up-levels you see so many soul-centric entrepreneurs “spontaneously” have.

Many times you have to…

  • Let go of relationships
  • Let go of core patterns that have been there for years
  • Risk ridicule, judgement, & criticism
  • Stand up for yourself in new ways
  • Leap when the net is “invisible”
  • Hold the course when everything in you says “turn back!”

It requires deep healing & often massive shifts in core belief systems, thoughts, & actions which constitute a veritable death & rebirth of your entire psyche.

Having soul-level wisdom to guide you in this process is essential.

Accessing who you are at the soul-level & clearing karmic blocks can shave years off the transformation process & bring you quickly into the grace of manifestation.

Soul Money Medicine will…

  • Dissolve core fears, attachments, & negative belief systems quickly & effectively
  • Open the energetic blueprint of your soul purpose
  • Get you aligned with the right business model for your soul & save you costly time wasted implementing the wrong offers, approaches, or strategies which go against your Divine nature
  • Bring a sense of peace, clarity & conviction that will help you move on and up
  • Radically increase your wealth consciousness & faith in yourself


 Who is This Reading Ideal For?

This reading is ideal for any soul-centric entrepreneur who is ready to leap into the next level of their purpose with a clear soul-purpose brand & business strategy and increased earning power.

It is for you if…

  • You have a business, but feel it is mis-aligned to your soul at some level.
  • You have been struggling to become visible, attract clients, or receive a steady flow of income and you don’t understand why.
  • You have been through a deep self-inquiry process over the last 2 months, and feel a push or a calling to overcome major obstacles & break into your next level

It is also for you if…

  • You are a new soul-centric entrepeneur…
  • You have started a purpose-based business on the side and want to make it your full time job
  • You want to start a purpose-based business & transition from your day job
  • You deeply desire to know what would be the best field, offer, message, or way of working in this business for you
  • You want to come into the game with a powerful “clean slate” that positions you for success

It’s not for you if…

  • You do not want to run or start a soul-centered business (this is for entrepreneurs)
  • You are not ready to make a commitment to the next level of your life purpose
  • You are looking for someone else to “do it for you”
  • You have had no experience working with soul-level wisdom, guidance, & direction before
  • You do not understand or believe in past lives or the existence of the soul (you must have had some spiritual training & development)


Accessing Your Soul Money Blueprint
is Essential for Success!

The frequency of Mother Earth is extremely high and raising each day.  More and more creative change agents & leaders need to be aligned with their soul’s highest vibration to achieve successful manifestation of their purpose, resulting in further upliftment for the planet.


Having the Support of a
Sacred Business Guide is Invaluable

Breaking through the “money story” is an essential step to manifesting your Light in the world.

In this dynamic & often challenging time, sensitive, creative, soul-centered leaders need high-level support to do that.

A Soul Money Medicine reading is a great way to kick off ongoing mentorship or manifestation of your business & can help you get on the right track, fast!

I would love to be that guide & support for you!


Ready to start?

If you’re ready to clear, activate, & receive the vision for your soul’s purpose, plus get expert guidance on aligning your business, brand, & offer with who you are at soul level, sign up for a Soul Money Medicine Reading today.

Investment is $997 



(Pay in Full)


(2 Monthly Payments)

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But Wait, There’s More!


Money Medicine Group Mastermind


At the end of this call series, I’m going to be opening up the Money Medicine Group Mastermind.

This is an ongoing sacred container for soul-centric entrepreneurs to…

  • Support you overcoming your money struggles
  • Help you open & integrate your soul money channels
  • Receive ongoing laser coaching, intuitive guidance & group support to launch your business at the highest level
  • Receive the latest business strategies to fully birth your soul purpose in the world.

The time for the Lone Wolf is over!

The Money Medicine Mastermind will give you ongoing group support, personal mentoring, & networking opportunities to stay fully engaged & in your soul-money flow as you offer your work to the world.

The group features these benefits:

  • Two live group coaching calls per month
  • Access to the Money Medicine Private Facebook forum
  • Ongoing 20% discount on Waking Beauty private business coaching packages
  • High frequency container + inspirational & strategic coaching to help you heal & empower your soul purpose in the world.

The group will be open for ongoing enrollment at $97/month.

If you sign up for a Soul Money Medicine Reading between now & next Thursday (June 26th), you will receive 3 months access- free!

Value: $291



So, what are you waiting for?!?

Sign up for your Soul Money Medicine Reading today, and clear the obstacles that stand before you as your surrender into the next level of your life purpose, making a real living and a real difference in the world.



(Pay in Full)


(2 Monthly Payments)

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I look forward to helping you unlock the manifestation of your Soul Purpose Business, clearing your path to a lucrative soul-centric business you love.


Kara- Your Personal Fairy God Mother




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Please note: Your reading must be used within 2 months of booking.  No refunds or exchanges.  Once you purchase, Kara begins the process of accessing your Akashic Records in preparation for your session. Cancellations or rebookings must be made with 48 hrs notice.  For questions or concerns, please email