Repeating negative patterns? 

Health Challenges?

Relationship Questions?

A Desire to Know Your Life Purpose?


People often come to the Records when they have reached a crossroads in their lives.

Whether you are searching for…

  • Wisdom & Guidance on an Impending Life Change
  • Healing of unresolved physical, mental or emotional illness
  • Guidance in your love life.
  • Clarity & alignment in your business or career.
  • Or a deeper understanding of your soul path, purpose & destiny

The Akashic Records can give you the
profound wisdom, guidance & direction you are looking for.

The Akashic Records are a 5th dimensional blueprint of your Soul’s past, present & potential future life histories.

They contain essential information on your signature soul essence, family, origin & purpose, as well as the record of all your karmic choices throughout your many lives.

Connecting to the wisdom of your Soul through an Akashic Records Reading can help you:

  • Clear past life energies, blocks & restrictions
  • Gain deeper wisdom & understanding of relationships in your life
  • Upgrade your lightbody, to express your full potential
  • Understand karmic lessons in challenging situations
  • Receive powerful guidance on how to best move forward in your life & career
  • Experience the hidden mysticism of your Soul & connect to your True Essence

Types of Intensives Offered


  • General Soul Profile
  • Focused on 1 Issue
  • 90-minute Recorded Session
  • Time for Questions at the End
  • Clearing + Healing Practices Included

The Essential Soul Reading is a basic soul profile and past life reading, focused on 1 issue of your choice. It includes a reading of your soul origin, gifts, energy & purpose, along with a reading of past lives, energetic attachments, vows, + contracts to be cleared concerning the issues you’ve chosen.  Great for your first reading or when you need clarity on a specific question/decision/issue in your life.






  • Ideal for women on the Priestess Path
  • Ideal for healing Feminine Health issues
  • Clears shame, visibility, & past life trauma associated with the Divine Feminine
  • Includes detailed reading of your Sacred Feminine lineages + instructions for healing
  • 90 minute Recorded Intensive + 30 min followup

The Magdalene Wounds Reading lifts heavy past life trauma associated with one of the 3 kinds of Magdalene Wounds. It is ideal for women on the Priestess Path, women healing feminine health issues, or women recovering from sexual abuse & addictions. The Magdalene Wounds Reading identifies any specific & pertinent connections your soul may have to various Sacred Feminine lineages, identifies which of the 12 Paths of the Priestess you are connected to, and includes deep clearing revitalization of your womb & sexual energy centers.




  • Determine if someone is your Twin Flame, Soulmate, or Original Soulmate through the Flame Family
  • Understand & clear karmic issues affecting your relationship
  • Prepare your heart & soul for Sacred Sexual Union
  • Heal underlying blocks to Twin Flame or Soulmate Union (for couples)
  • 90minute Recorded Session with time for questions at the end
  • Healing practices, prayers & affirmations included for manifesting Sacred Relationship in your life.


The Twin Flame Reading is for you if you are seeking Sacred Relationship, and would like to know if someone is your twin flame or soulmate- or would like clear the way for Sacred Love to manifest in your life. This reading addresses any unresolved wounds, energies, chords, beliefs, vows or attachments that are blocking you from receiving/creating Sacred Relationship in your life. It can also address the karmic lessons affecting couples in Sacred Relationship, supporting you to transcend blocks & restrictions to manifest a purer reflection of Sacred Love. 


(for singles)



(for couples – when 2 souls are read)



  • For soul-centric entrepreneurs
  • Clears blocks to abundance in business
  • Understand your Soul Money Archetype & how you were designed to contribute through your purpose
  • Heal burnout, feast or famine, or financial issues in business
  •  Get strategic guidance on your brand, business model, & marketing strategy
  • Includes: 2hr Recorded Reading + 1hr Intensive Business Strategy Session


The Soul Money Medicine Reading is a reading of your Soul Purpose applied to business.  You will receive your Soul Money Archetype & understand how you are designed to contribute in this life & why you are here from a soul purpose perspective.  Includes soul business strategy & pertinent information needed to clear financial blocks & restrictions in business that are blocking the highest calling in your career. This includes vows of poverty, past life contracts, bindings & other forms of interference.




What is Your Process?

I access your Records ahead of our meeting.

Depending on the type of reading purchased, I will research the essential information before we meet.  This is a detailed process that involves me connecting to your specific guides in the Akasha & reading any and all detailed information about your past life history, soul contracts, vows, blocks & restrictions related to your current inquiry or challenge.

We will then connect on a recorded conference line at a scheduled time, where I will go over your reading with you in detail, explaining answers to your questions & the life challenges you’ve presented from the perspective of the Records.

This process is part me reading to you, and part interactive.

We will actually open your Records at the start of our call, and I encourage you to ask questions if you have them, or speak up if you need deeper clarification or which to verify the relevance of past life personages to people in your life today.

If needed, I practice Spiritual Response Therapy- and can do deeper clearings with you during our session.

Everyone has a different method of reading the Akasha.

My method is unique in that it is highly, highly specific.

The closest thing I can compare it to is working with a great astrologer.

I’ve researched your “energetic chart” before we meet.

I’m reading the code or blueprint from your Soul Record.

However, the full interpretation is done through live interaction.

This yields the greatest results & the most practical, applicable wisdom for most.

After we are finished, I perform a clearing of your Records.  This upgrades your LightBody significantly, and opens a new opportunity for Soul Embodiment in your life.

You are supported to embrace this process through specific follow-up practices (spiritual & otherwise) you can do yourself to maintain the energetic upgrade.

What Type of Questions Can I ask the Records?
And What Kind of Information Do the Records Reveal?

You can ask the Records almost anything…

However, an Akashic Records reading tends to be more accurate in understanding the past, then predicting the future.

This is because the future is being created by your every choice.

Understanding how past life situations are affecting your current life can help you make choices that are more aligned with who you are at soul level.  This helps you create a better future.

What the Akashic Records are good for:

  • Connecting to your Soul
  • Understanding any information related to your Soul, including soul family, soul origin, soul gifts, soul history, & soul purpose (lessons)
  • Gaining information about your past lives
  • Understanding how past life choices & events are impacting your life today
  • Gaining very deep clarity on relationships from a Soul perspective.  Inspiring the ability to forgive, heal, grow & transform relationships
  • Changing your destiny… Unlike astrology, which is a reading of your “set” karmic path or tendency… the Records can be cleared & upgraded.  Contracts can be broken.  This changes your destiny.

People like to think that life is very linear and “set in stone.”

This just isn’t true.

The Records teach you that experience is in fact fluid & multi-dimensional.

There are infinite possibilities stemming from every NOW moment, and what you currently experience and WILL experience in the future depends on your past, present & future choices.

Over time, working in the Records teaches you that our ultimate goal in life is not so much to have a certain experience (good or bad) as it is to Wake the Sleeping Soul.

The Records hold a template for our return to God.

You’ve heard of St. Peter’s book at the Pearly Gates?

Well, that’s the Christian version of the Akashic Records.

This is your entry to the Kingdom of God.

*A Note on Twin Flame/Soulmate Relationships

Yes, we can determine if someone is your soulmate, twin flame, or how they are related to you through your soul family, via the Records.  However, I can only research this on a case-by-case basis, and I need the person’s full name to do so.

Most people are very confused about the nature of Soulmate & Twin Flame relationships.  The first thing to understand is that you can have up to 12 manifestations of your Twin Flame, 11 manifestations of a Twin Soul, 143 manifestations of a Flame Mate (a soul located within your Flame Family) and up to 143,999 Soulmates present in the Universe at any given time.

Sacred Relationships come in many forms, and they are not always romantic.  Additionally romantic relationships between Twin Flame or Soulmate couples are not always destined to last.  Most humans are embroiled in deep-seated energetic entanglements with romantic partners that- far from approaching the realm of Sacred Love- are actually based in fear, survival & emotional attachment. Your Sacred Life Partner could be one of a number of souls, & the success of the relationship largely depends on your karmic contract, commitment to God, & the mutual ability of each partner to transcend their own egoic fears & emotional attachments, to serve a Higher Purpose through the relationship.

The Twin Flame Reading can guide you through these obstacles on the Path of Love to a Sacred Relationship that is uniquely suited to your Soul in this life.