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2012 is finally here—can you believe it?!

Chances are, if you’re a conscious female entrepreneur, you can feel the difference.

These last 2, 3 or—if you’re like me—8 years, have been quite a ride, but we’ve finally made the leap into the New World and the energy here is phenomenal.  Our thoughts are manifesting almost faster than we can think them, which means tremendous power is at our fingertips.

So, I’m wondering, Beauty, have you made your business dream come true, yet?

Because, if not…

NOW is the perfect time to start!


Hi! I’m Kara Gilligan.  I’m what’s called “a personal Fairy God Mother,” and I’m here to introduce all the Waking Beauties of the world to their newfound POWER to Create Reality….

“Madame, New World Order…. Meet, Waking Beauty. She’s a brave, beautiful firestarter with a mission to live her joy and change the world!”

And… contrary to what, just about every other force has likely encouraged you to believe in your life… I’d like nothing more, than for your every last, luscious drop of Divinely inspired dream power for the most audaciously wonderful life… to come true.

And I’d especially like to help you with that business you’re working on.  You know the one… the one where you live ignited in your true purpose and passion, serving this world doing something you absolutely love, helping countless people—plants, animals, trees or whatever life form floats your boat—live a happier, healthier, joyful life!


I’d like to code that for you, so that it MOST DEFINITELY manifests… and I’d like to help you make more than enough money…much, MUCH more!… doing it too.

So, fill in the form below to get the full details on my secret, so you can begin to attract

QUANTUM LEVELS of abundance

to your business, and I’ll let you in on my “Dream Come True” copywriting package too!


 Kara is a copywriter, graphic designer and New World artist whose mission is to transform the world’s economic system to be supportive of Mother Nature.  She coaches women to successfully manifest their business dreams and leads workshops, teleseminars, and events on the economic principles of the New World.

Kara’s “Dream Come True” Copywriting Service is designed for transformational women entrepreneurs who are ready to rapidly manifest their business dreams and step into their true power and purpose in the world.

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